Mario Alai (1952) a Philosophy graduate of the University of Bologna, earned postgraduate degrees from the Universities of Urbino and Helsinki, and two Ph.D. from the Universities of Maryland and of Florence. After teaching Psychology, Education, History and Philosophy in high schools in Turin and Cesena, from 1999 to his retirement in 2022 he worked at the University of Urbino successively as lecturer, researcher in Logics and Philosophy of Science, associate professor of Theoretical Philosophy, and of Philosophy of Language.

His research interests concern mainly metaphysical realism (as opposed to neopositivistic and Dummettian verificationism, Parrini’s agnosticism, Goodman’s constructionism, and Putnam’s “internal realism”) and scientific realism (in particular, the “no miracle argument”, the nature and role of “novel predictions”, “deployment realism”, the pessimistic meta-induction). He has written also on the philosophy of Agazzi, Carnap, Frege, D. Lewis, Popper, Quine, Russell, Wittgenstein, and published works on the history of philosophy of science, the history of philosophy of language, the theory truth, the theory of knowledge and justification, skepticism, artificial intelligence in scientific discovery, meaning and reference, and experimental philosophy.